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All of our bath tub/shower stall surface repair kits are factory color-matched. We also offer colors for general plastics, cultured marble, simulated marble and counter tops. If you do not see the make of your tub/shower stall showcased below it does not mean that we do not offer it. Please contact us for information and pricing.
Kohler Repair kit
Lasco Bathware Repair kit
Jacuzzi Repair kit
AquaGlass Repair Kit
Americh Repair Kit
Bain Ultra Repair kit
Sterling Repair kit
American Standard Repair kit
Other available colors Basic “No Brand” bathtub shower colors.
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We also carry product to color match and repair the following:
Jet Ski fiberglass repair kit
Jet Ski Repair Kit
Jet Skis
fiberglass boat repair kit
Jet Ski Repair Kit
RV crack, patch repair kit
Jet Ski Repair Kit
Surfboard fiberglass & Acrylic repair kit
Jet Ski Repair Kit
kayak repair kit
Jet Ski Repair Kit
ATV, Quad fiberglass repair kit
Jet Ski Repair Kit
Fiberglass, acrylic, plastic, cultured marble repair
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The photos and instructions displayed below will show you exactly how simple it is to do your own repairs in just 3 easy steps. For additional instructions click here or view below. Also, if you are planning on doing multiple repairs, we recommend purchasing our accesories by clicking on the "Accessories" tab above.

DIY Bath and Shower Repair Kit - Step 1Prepare the chip, gouge or crack by using a grinding tool, putty knife, razor knife or other sharp tool. Be sure to create a "V" shape going throught the depth of the surface (color) stopping at the fiberglass structure - 1/16" to 3/16" deep.

Wipe the area with a cloth or paper towel and use the sandpaper included to smooth out the repair area. Finally, remove all particles and clean area with acetone or nail polish remover. Your work area is now ready for Step 2.

Click here for Step 2.


DIY Bath and Shower Repair Kit - Step 1Dispense a desired amount of Poly Paste into one of the mixing cups included in the kit. Add 4 drops of catalyst per 1/4 ounce (16 drops per ounce - entire jar is 3 oz.).

Mix the catalyst and the Poly Paste together using the smaller stir stick from the kit. Once this is done apply mixture to the repair area with the larger mixing stick. Be sure to over fill the crack or chip slightly. Your work area is now ready for Step 3.

Click here for Step 3.


DIY Bath and Shower Repair Kit - Step 1Wait one hour or until material hardens. At this point a heat gun or ordinary hair dryer can be used to speed up drying time. You will then use the sand paper so that the contour of the repair matches the surrounding area.

Using a soft cloth, (or a buffing pad if preferred), and the supplied rubbing compound, hand rub area to polish and blend in the repaired area. Your repair is now finished.

Click here to start over.

TONING: Toners are used for shading the Poly Paste color darker or lighter. Before adding catalyst to mixture add desired amount of Poly Paste in mixing cup provided. Adjust color by adding 1 drop of white or black toner and mix in thoroughly. Check color then add more white or black in small amounts until desired color is achieved. Then add catalyst to mixture.
SANDING: For best results wet sand with wet/dry sandpaper and water (220, 320, 400, and then 600 grit sandpaper.)
BUFFING: Machine buffing is acceptable using an automotive quality buffer and supplied rubbing compound. Recommended speed is 1800 to 2800 RPM.
SAFETY: Use proper ventilation. Avoid contact with skin and eyes.
The products below will assist in the repair process utilizing the materials from our DIY Bathtub and Shower Paste Repair Kit (Acrylic / Gelcoat). The same repair can be done with only the contents of the kit.
Mini Buffing Pad Set
Mini Buffing Pad (use with 2500 RPM & Drill)
Mini Buffing Pad Set
Plexus Surface Cleaner, Protectant and Polisher
Mini Buffing Pad Set
Dust Mask (one dozen)
Mini Buffing Pad Set
Sandpaper 7-pack (Seven full sheets wet/dry sandpaper) 1 each 220, 320, 400, 600, 1200, 1500, 2000 grit
Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
Below you will find forms that contains detailed information about the possible health and safety hazards of our DIY Bath and Shower Repair Kit product and how to safely store, and handle the product. Note: all documents below are in .pdf format and require that you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your system. If you do not have it installed you can click on the logo below.
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