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Spa Hot Tub Repair Materials
DIY Bath and Shower Kit
Toll-Free: 800-218-2066
DIY Spa and Hot
Tub Repair Kits
With our DIY products anyone can make professional in home repairs to chips, nicks, scratches, surface cracks, blisters on spas and hot tubs.
Our DIY Kits:
  • Paste Kits Pearl colors
  • Paste Kits Marble Colors
  • Paste Kits Granite Colors
  • Structural Kits
  • ABS Pan Repair Kit
  • Non-Slip Kit
  • Buffing & Polishing
  • Solvents & Safety
DIY Bath and Shower Kit
Toll-Free: 800-218-2066
Professional Surface Repair Materials for Spas and Hot Tubs
Multi-Tech Products provides factory color matched repair materials used by virtually every manufacturer in the industry. Through our unique relationships with the industry's leading OEM's, Multi-Tech Products has amassed an extensive, historical archive of spa and hot tub color textures. Perfect for the Repair Pro!
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